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Helping People Improve Life

My Story

Meet John Grant, Holistic Life Coach Coach

Since I was a child, one word has driven me—helping. Throughout my life, I have constantly looked for ways to help others. My happiest moments come when I witness that help lead to incredible changes in the lives of my friends, family, and clients.
Over the years, I have helped many amazing people make substantial personal and professional changes and transform their lives. My book—The Unstoppable Mindset for Health: How to Have Abundant Vitality Daily, Live at Your Full Potential and Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes—is one of my proudest accomplishments.

John Grant

My Approach

My goal is to help people feel healthy and live life to its fullest by working on their self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. I want to guide all those struggling with depression and getting out of bed, anxiety, weight gain, bad relationships, burnout from work, and more. With my help, they’ll be able to see things from a different perspective and gain clarity. My job is to encourage people to set goals and achieve them and develop an unstoppable mindset.

Why I’m Qualified

When I speak about taking control of your life and health, I do so from personal experience. I am proud to say that I lost over 45 pounds and beat Type 2 Diabetes. As a result of my own struggles, I’ve found that I’m passionate about helping others improve their health—mentally and physically. Furthermore, I can provide accountability to your business, career, or relationships.

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