Mindset is also an acronym for what you will achieve:

Mastering you

Influencing self and others positively

New habits that serve you

Developing life skills

Security and Self-Love


Time Freedom

It is March and that feeling of spring is in the air.  Our body, mind and spirit are connecting to the new growth happening all around us.  If we are of the mindset to set goals in October the previous year, we have had time to get into momentum and by March we are in peak physical, mental and spiritual condition to take on the growth season.

What is happening in our culture a reaction to the Corona Virus possibly would not be affecting you, because you will respond from a place of Power, a place of certainty about your health, a place of confidence because you have spent time building that up through action, habit building and self-love.

However, if you have the mindset of setting goals in January or new years resolutions and this is a habit that is no longer serving you, I encourage you to do something different to have a different outcome.  This is part of the mastering you blog I am writing about now.

Listen.  I have been there as well in the past and notice the language I am using while you read, because it will help you be aware of your own language, patterns and habits.  In the past I would set goals and get excited, start working towards these goals and then life would happen and throw a curve ball, wrench into the mix.  My goals were replaced by reaction to life rather then responding from a more powerful stance or mindset.  Looking back at how I started making patterns of success in my Health, Relationships and Money/Career took consistent effort over time towards what I am creating in my life.  More Abundance.

For my health I took up a challenge to complete a Marathon.  In that moment my mindset was to walk the Marathon to create a pattern of success.  I was challenged by a fellow Toastmaster and World Record Holder for the most 100-mile runs completed in a year at that time.  I simply started walking on my treadmill 15 minutes a day to start.  I worked my way up to an hour a day posting my miles in a group online where we supported each other.  I walked a 3k, 5K, 10k and half marathon during the 6 months leading up to the marathon.  I walked the marathon 26.2 miles in 8 hours and 12 minutes from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier.  The LA Marathon.  My relationship to pain changed during that walk and I realized pain is also a healing force in our lives.  When you commit fully to completing a goal and your mindset is Unstoppable you will grow from that achievement.  Your growth mindset gives you your Mind Mastery or Self Mastery, because you will do anything (Being Unstoppable) to complete your goals – your dreams with deadlines.

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