The N in Unstoppable Mindset is for New Beliefs.

How do Beliefs the most powerful mental force keep us from getting what we want more of in our lives?

Simple is not automatically easy, however beliefs are simply the number one blocking force to progress.

Seeing the world through new eyes helps us in creating a new life.  Imagine for an instant these were a shared beliefs of all people on earth.

We are born into the Human family first, before we are socialized into our nuclear family.  Imagine looking at your fellow humans as brothers and sisters in the war on Apathy.  We are united as one sharing the planet, taking care of each other and our mother earth.  Together we are better.  We are waking up to this and realizing that things are getting better because we are making them that way as responsible, respectful, collaborative, intelligent, empathetic humans.  Abolishing greed – the profit despite the consequences.  Emotional intelligence will RISE up with Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.  Giving a true hand up instead of a hand out.  When we are willing to be kind instead of nice we will lift up our ability to support each other with more creative and imaginative ways that breathe Purpose into those that have lost hope (Helping Other People Excel), inspiring our fellow humans to live at their full potential more often.

The Marianne Williamson poem comes to mind “Our Deepest Fear”.

Where do your beliefs start?  If we take 100 % responsibility for who we are they started with us and that is the first step to taking action to change any limiting beliefs

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