What sounds more powerful?  I will make it up as I go along. Or I have an Unstoppable mindset in my pursuit of my life’s Purpose?

Pay close attention to how this blog makes you feel.  What type of feelings is it bring up?  You already know this stuff?  Who am I to be telling you what to do?  Or are you in a growth mindset and eager to see, hear and feel a new perspective?

Growth Mindset

Listen, having a fixed mindset is possibly ruining your health, relationships and ability to make more money.  Now when you have a growth mindset you are consistently seeking that next nugget of information, skill, knowledge, utilizing and implementing things until you feel something different.  When you start embracing your power or your truth you will feel, hear and see things from a different place.

Look, have you ever gone through something that truly impacted your life and from that moment on you were changed?  Expansion happens in a multitude of ways when we have a powerful growth mindset.  Each day we are expanding and growing into a more powerful person.  How is this happening in your life right now?  Take a moment and answer that question.  Write it down and truly realize how you are growing.  If you struggle to find the words take your phone out and speak into the recorder.  Often times people stop themselves from advancing due to the modality they encounter.  Be willing to change your growth style.  What are growth styles?  What are your learning styles?

Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual are three of the core learning styles.  Usually we are a combination of learning styles and it is worth learning more about where your strengths or weaknesses are now.  Yes.  I am encouraging you to develop your growth mindset.  I reference the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck in my book “The Unstoppable Mindset for Health: How to Have Abundant Vitality Daily the Natural Way.” And in my reference of “Mindset” the author pours out her experience with fixed vs growth mindset.  A fixed mindset was destroying her relationship with her mother.  Once she switched to a growth mindset, she was able to reconnect with her mother in a powerful way and forgive the past and move into the future in a more powerful way.  You see, a powerful mindset is many things, potentially – more patience, flexibility, courage, forgiveness, guidance, mentorship, coaching, service, …  Are you realizing now what is causing difficulty in your life?  Take another moment to write down what you are currently having difficulties with and how a growth mindset would help change that outcome.

New Perspectives

I have heard it said, “We are unable to change someone’s mind; however we are able to help them see a new perspective.”  Michael Bernoff

Perspective and perception play major roles in our lives and how we deal with life on a consistent basis is often due to our Perspective and perception of ourselves, others, the situation, circumstances and a host of other things.  However, if you have a growth mindset it is all good.  Because, if you think it is bad or good you are right and yet a growth mindset will have you utilizing both the good and the bad in your life more often to live in abundance it is all life.  Life is a gift we call the present.  Decide now to be more powerful.  Decide now to be Unstoppable!

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