Do you hear yourself in your mind?  Does that inner voice say things like “stop being so lazy!”, “that person did …………to me!”, “I can’t believe….”, “how come I can’t………..”, “what is wrong with me?”?  The list of things that we say to ourselves goes on and on.  This voice is what we call self-talk.  It is the stuff that we say to ourselves that no one else typically hears.  It can serve you or it can be destructive and block you from getting what you truly desire.

We often refer to that inner chatter as “Monkey Mind”.  “Monkey mind” can cause inaction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of confidence, and an overall inability to progress effectively in health, career, and relationships.  So often, people focus on changing their lives by taking an action, when the first step needs to be uncluttering the mind.  

Quiet The Mind

 When we practice clearing, quieting or silencing this mental chatter we can create space in our mind to have more potential of creating and imagining solutions for what we truly want more of in our lives.  Once you learn how to silence your mind you can bring silence into any chaotic moment

The ability to Silence the inner chatter in our minds will give you more focus on a regular basis in the days, weeks and months going forward.  You will be able to focus and find clarity more easily and getting into flow will start to be effortless and automatic.  Imagine being able to clear your mind instantly, able to focus yourself on the task at hand completely.  As you practice this daily it is now becoming easier to complete those tasks that you have potentially been putting off. This sounds great, doesn’t it?  However, you may be wondering “How do I do this?”.

There are many mental exercises that help you accomplish this goal.  Here is a simple exercise that you can do right now.  Think back and find a moment in your past when you were truly enjoying a moment with nothing else on your mind.  Was it a time at the beach, a park, on a bench, sitting quietly after a meal?  Whatever it was, take yourself back into that time and feel what it felt like, see what you saw, hear what you heard.  Use all your senses to fully remember that experience.  Enjoy remembering that experience.  By doing this, your body and mind will automatically relax. 

Now, to bring you into this moment carrying that relaxation, think to yourself: “ Just this, just this, just this” as your breath in and out slowly.  Do this for at least a minute, more time is even better.  These words can now be used at any time to help you find that moment of silence.  

Now that you have returned to this reading, if you were to check your pulse, blood pressure and overall mood you would find that your pulse and blood pressure are lowered, and you feel an overall sense of calmness. Your stress is reducing and your breathing slower.  As you are enjoying this calmer, more focused you now you will remember to do this more often.  Anytime there is stress in your life or your mind feels cluttered, you can sit quietly for a minute and think to yourself “Just this, just this” as you breathe slowly in and out.  You can do this with your eyes closed or open.

If this feels awkward at first, I encourage you to keep practicing and it will start becoming easier to do.   You will want to find this Silence more often in the days, weeks and months going forward.  As they say, “Silence is Golden” and those that find focus, find clarity and stay in their flow more often.  By finding mental silence more often, you will notice better health, wealth and relationships. 

If you need help finding your silence, I offer one on one results coaching sessions.  I am available for a free thirty minute consult to evaluate that we will work well together.  Be Unstoppable in your pursuit of a better version of you.  Your Being Enhanced.

My goal is to help you to achieve an Unstoppable Mindset and establish patterns of success in your health, wealth, and relationships.  The unstoppable mindset gives you the ability to attain whatever it is that you desire. My blogs have a theme to them of helping you create positive habits in your life that will help you live life at your full potential more often then not.  

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